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are for hunting. they're for sport. they're for personal defense whereas military weapons are there for one reason. that's killing. we also need to get on top of this number one factor that is contributing to the gun violence and to the mass shootings particularly as we look at theaters campuses, or schools. that is mental health. we as a country kick the mental health issue to the streets in the 1980s. isn't it time we bring that back in and start to do something in a professional way and in a strong society way to address those that are having some difficulties? >> michael: yes, great points, all. just a hypothetical for you. i'm harry reid. i pick up the phone and say mayor suttle, i'm the majority leader of the united states senate. i have democrats who are afraid to vote for gun safety, how do i convince them to? >> i look at it this way and someone made a quote a long, long time ago when i was much younger in the 70s, they said this and i don't remember who. quote, the election is over. we're here at senators. we're no longer republicans and democrats. we're united states senators and its ti
republicans are spending millions defending the discriminatory defense of marriage act, and finally immigration reform and reaching out to minorities. they'll spend $10 million this year on a minority outreach program called the growth and opportunity project. look no further that cpac's panel on cam batting racism. it turned into surprise, is surprise, perhaps the most racist spectacle ever seen. one member followed up by saying slaves should thank their masters for providing food and shelter, and i'm not kidding. it just happened. [ laughter ] >> michael: now some republicans seem to be finally wake up to the idea that this kind of seriously hateful, seriously insane rhetoric is hurting the party. reince priebus said as much this weekend. >> the way we communicate our principles isn't resinating widely enough. focus groups described our party as narrow-minded, out of touch, and quote, stuffy old men. >> michael: prebus is now floating several ideas that could change the primary process. his brief moment of clarity was greeted by furious backlash from inside t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2